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Maps per Match

Art des Events round-robin
Alle Matches 1

Map pick/ban

The map ban and pick starts 15 minutes before the official match start. Each team has 3 minutes to submit their ban or pick. The maps will be played in the order they have been picked.


Within the OPL there is an in-game ping limit of 100ms. If a player is proven to have a constant ping of more than 100ms during a match, the player with a high ping have to leave the match after a hint of their opposing team. The match has to be finished outnumbered. After the end of the map, the player can be replaced by a substitute.



Banned operators


Required programs

Moss Download (PW: Moss)
Settings: File -> Parameters -> Rainbow Six

Allowed cosmetics

Default Skin(s)
Pro League Gold Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 1 Team Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 2 Team Skin(s)
R6 SHARE Skin(s)
All other uniforms and headgears, including elite skins, are not allowed. However, there are no restrictions on weapon skins and charms.

Lobby Settings

Daytime Day
HUD-Settings Pro League
Number of Bans 4
Ban-Timer 20
Number of Rounds 12
Attacker/Defender Role swap 6
Overtime Rounds Off
Overtime Score Difference 2
Overtime Role Change 1
Objective Rotation Parameter 2
Objective Type Rotation Played rounds
Attacker Unique Spawn On
Pick Phase Timer 15
6. Pick Phase On
6. Pick Phasen Timer 15
Reveal Phase Timer 5
Damage Handicap 100
Friendly Fire Damage 100
Reverse Friendly Fire Off
Injured 20
Sprint On
Lean On
Death Replay Off
Platzierungsdauer 7
Entschärfungsdauer 7
Zünderzeit 45
Entschärfer-Träger wählen On
Preperation Phase Duration 45
Action Phase Duration 180
Data center WEU
Chat Only Team