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As a logged in user you can create a team here.
Please note that within the OPL each team name may only be assigned once.
Organizations that have more than one team must ensure that the team name is unique (e.g. by adding "Academy").
Each player may only be on one Major Team at a time. There is no limit for casual teams.
However, please note that if you are on two casual teams that both want to participate in the same event, you will have to leave one team.
Each event may have different team type requirements. You can read this in the info tab of the event.
All members, regardless of their role, can be eligible to play. To be eligible, they must have the required information, e.g. the Ubisoft Connect ID, stored in their profile.
However, each event may have additional conditions for eligibility to play.
The eligibility to play in an event is represented by green or red circles. If a player is eligible to play, the circle is green.
If he is not eligible to play, the circle is red. If you hover over the red circle, you can read the reason for it.
faq team permit
A team may consist of a maximum of 9 players.
You can be on a maximum of one major team.
There are no restrictions for casual teams.
However, if two of your teams want to participate in the same event, you must leave one of the teams.
  • Team founder can
    • edit the team at any time, even if he is not in that team anymore
    • execute all other things while he is in the team
  • Manager can
    • edit the team
    • ban/pick maps and choose the side
    • write in the matchchat
    • call an admin or open a match protest
    • create an invitelink to the team
  • Team-Captain can
    • write in the matchchat
    • ban/pick maps and choose the side
    • call an admin or open a match protest
  • Coach / Player / Standin / Analyst can
    • write in the matchchat

  • Special permissions
    • Match Organizer (can ban/pick maps and choose the side)
    • Team Admin (can edit the team as well as create an invitelink)
    • Team Owner (can edit the team at any time, even if he is not in this team anymore)
Team Managers and players who have the Team Admin role can use the Team Profile to generate an invitation link and forward it to new players.


Under Events -> Upcoming you can see all events for which registrations are currently open.
In the Info Tab you can see if your team fulfills all permissions to participate in this event.
Depending on the event, there may be restrictions, such as age requirements or regional requirements. These can be found in the Info Tab under the item Conditions of Participation.
For each event, the team must be checked in before the start of the event. You can find out when check-in is possible in the info tab of the respective event.
There are a total of 4 different event modes. You can find out which event is played in which mode in the info tab of the event.
  • Round-Robin
    • In the round-robin system, each team plays against each opponent.
    • In a round-robin system, each team can face each other once or more.

  • Single-Elimination
    • In each round of play, 2 participants meet each other. The winners of the first round matches advance to the second round, while the losers are eliminated.
    • The winners of the second round matches meet in the third round, while the losers are again eliminated, and so on. Finally, two participants remain to fight for the tournament victory in the final.

  • Double-Elimination
    • The double-elimination system differs essentially from the single-elimination system in that a single defeat does not result in elimination from the tournament.
    • A team is eliminated from the tournament only after the second defeat.

  • Groupstage
    • This is a combination of round-robin and single-elimination. First the teams play in different groups against each opponent.
    • When all matches of the group are finished, the best X places go into the single-elimination-bracket.


If there are problems in the match, you can call an admin on the match page. For this you just have to click on the "CALL ADMIN" button.
If there is a reason for a protest, you can open it via the "OPEN PROTEST" button.
After a short time an admin will contact you.
MOSS is an anti-cheat software that takes screenshots of your monitors and lists the open programs.
You can download MOSS here ( There you can also get more information about MOSS.
To use MOSS properly, you need to select the correct game before starting the capture. Open MOSS, click on File -> Parameters in the upper left corner.
Now select Rainbow Six as your game, if MOSS is set for Rainbow Six, you can start recording under Capture -> Start.
When the match is over, you can stop the recording under Capture -> Stop. MOSS will then show you the location of your file.
You can now upload this MOSS file in the match. Click on "SELECT FILES" and select the right file. Then select your team and click on "UPLOAD".
If you have problems with MOSS, you can always ask in our Community Discord.
You can also search for a solution on the MOSS homepage. If neither of these help you, you can also create a support ticket.
Easter Egg: #Sapphire


Qualifiers allow a team to earn points for a parent event.
Qualifiers can consist of several events, from which all qualifier points are entered into a table. These are distributed according to the team's progress.
The qualifier with the lowest score will not be considered for the ranking.
This means that you can have a bad day or a day off without losing all chances.
Depending on which event the qualifiers are for, there are different ways to proceed afterwards.
Here are a few examples:
  • Top X qualify for the finals of the event
  • Top X qualify for a league
  • Top X qualify for an already existing league
  • Top X qualify for a relegation

What exactly follows after a qualifier can be read in the respective event under the info tab.


The system does not only evaluate by wins and losses, but also includes the round results in the calculation.

We chose this system to reward teams with a high level of consistency, and to prevent a randomly generated tournament tree from allowing teams to qualify by luck at seeding.
Every round won is worth points, encouraging even supposedly worse teams to win more rounds.
We use the following formulas to award points:
  • Explanation of the variables
    • R‘A: new score of team A
    • RA: current score of team A
    • RB: current score of team B
    • SA: rounds won by team A
    • SB: rounds won by team B
    • k: round factor
    • W: win indicator (win=1; loss=0)
									R‘A = RA + 1/(1+10^((RB-RA)/400)) * |SA - SB| * W + (SA + k) * k

The factor is always 0 in the first round of the bracket and increases by 1 per round.
Example: Bracket with maximum 32 teams:
									Runde with 32: 		0
									Runde with 16: 		1
									Quarterfinals: 		2
									Semifinals: 		3
									Match for 3rd place: 		4
									Final: 		5

In case of a freewin, the match will be counted as a 3:0 win. The points for the match are distributed according to the formula.
We use the following formulas to allocate points:
  • We use the following formulas to allocate points:
    • R‘A: new score of team A
    • RA: current score of team A
    • RB: current score of team B
    • W: win indicator
      • 2:0 Win = 1
      • 2:1 Win = 0,7
      • 1:2 Loose = 0,3
      • 0:2 Loose = 0
									R`A = RA + 60 * (W - (1 / (1 + 10 ^((RB - RA) / 400))))
  • Each team starts with 1000 points in the ranking, regardless of the matchday from which they participate.
  • If a team misses a match day of the ranking, 5 points will be deducted from the team.
  • Teams that fall below 1000 points will receive 5 points each week to get back closer to 1000 points.

If the opponent forfeits or does not show up, the match will be counted as a 2-1 win.