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Map pick/ban

The map ban and pick starts 15 minutes before the official match start. Each team has 3 minutes to submit their ban or pick. The maps will be played in the order they have been picked.


Within the OPL there is an in-game ping limit of 100ms. If a player is proven to have a constant ping of more than 100ms during a match, the player with a high ping have to leave the match after a hint of their opposing team. The match has to be finished outnumbered. After the end of the map, the player can be replaced by a substitute.

Parental consent

For some events, two minimum ages are specified.
The traditional minimum age, which players automatically meet when they reach this age and the minimum age with parental consent, in which case players from this age may already play if they have uploaded a valid parental consent. This is possible via the profile.
If no minimum age with parental consent is specified in the event info tab, the conventional minimum age must be fulfilled in any case.
Attention! As described above, parental consent does not allow participation in 18+ events, but only allows participation in events for which a minimum age with parental consent is also defined
Violation of this rule will result in the full penalty defined in the rulebook.
Download the parental consent document form here. An upload option is available in your profile section.



Banned operators

Required programs

No external programs needed.

Allowed cosmetics

Default Skin(s)
Pro League Gold Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 1 Team Skin(s)
Pilot Program Phase 2 Team Skin(s)
R6 SHARE Skin(s)
All other uniforms and headgears, including elite skins, are not allowed. However, there are no restrictions on weapon skins and charms.

Lobby Settings